Monday, March 16, 2009

Work accepted for Exhibition

Vanessa Lomas: Leopard

Vanessa Lomas: Zebra drinking

Tertia Torris:

Tertia Torris

M Henning: Motherhood

M Henning: The Widow

E Schoeman: Selantha

Y Ankerman: Wild dog

Y Ankerman: Mother and Child

E Cason Lightning speed

E Cason Zebra

E Abraham: Those were the day

E Abraham; Survivor

M Pienaar: Voetspore

M Pienaar: Me bonsara

JWilson: Wizened wisdom

E vd Merwe: Baba

E vd Merwe Woestyn passie

J Wilson: Bath time

C Dreyer: Cammy

c Dreyer:Me and my buddy

K v Wyk Varkoor

E Bester: lillies of the Valley

S Kay: Lowveld living

H v Rensburg: love birds

Aurelius Judith

A odendaal : sculpture

A Odendaal: sculpture

a Odendaal: painting

S Kay: Bloom Bottle

J Mitchell : sunrise

E Bester: Zebras

J Labuschagne: buffalo

J Labuschagne: Lanscape

J Mitchell: lowveld garden

Liz Mc Queen: oop a daisy

H v Rensburg: Flowers

s Eksteen open door

S Eksteen Vetplante

E Bester: Flowers in forest

H Scholtz: Blue bowl

M de Bruin: apples

M de Bruin Pears

AMC: Aubergenes

J Wilson :peek a boo

B Moore: Waiting for work

B Moore: home is where the heart is

M vd Berg: Baby monkey

Cheryl v Dyk: Genisis

C v Dyk: The nemisis

I Petzer: Our legacy

I Petzer: Caterpillar in my soul

I petzet : lioness

H v Rensburg

AMC Storm

C Bergman: Zazibar door

E Scholtz: lion god

E Scholtz: Elephant god

D T-phillips: Her name is wisdom

D T-Phillips: earth flowers

Nasima Bhayat 4x mandalas

Lebo Thamae

Dawie Fourie : elephant

Dawie Fourie sunset

Sanet fourie: child

Lynette Viljoen

Reuben Mpangane

Aggie Coertze

Sue Dickonson

Lynda Shongwe

The loop

Sunday, March 1, 2009

letter to members

Lowveld Association of Arts
Dear members,
Just to remind you about the exhibition in March! 23rd – 26th of March!!
Work to be submitted on or before the 13th of March… We will have an official opening serving some snacks and wine on the 23rd of March. The invitations are being printed and you can collect them within the next few days either from my house or you can arrange with me where I can drop them off for you to collect. We are also sending out electronic invitations, (you will get this shortly) but I feel strongly that handing out invites personally, do give a better result. Can I please ask each artist to see that you have 10 people at the opening, this will help a lot ,( not having to depend on one persons mailing list)
Then…the exhibition runs together with the photographic exhibition by Antonia Henrique Silva from Mozambique…so it will also have a bit of international “fling “ to it…..meaning that we will have guests from Maputo and the Consulate attending the exhibition…
We are putting a lot of effort into this, so may I please ask you to submit new and exciting work….lets make this indeed a grandeur occasion…..I must stress that future sponsorships will depend a lot on the success of this exhibition
Atrists whom will also be exhibiting are Sue Dickinson, Anton Bosh, Andre Meintjies, Odette Powell, Yvonne Ankerman and many more
For any questions please contact me on 082 893 6718 and remember to visit our blogspot:

Kind regards and happy painting